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On Soledad news today! Was it murders or natural deaths? All these questions are asked for Curley’s wife and Lennie that died next to an enormous ranch next to Soledad. What we now know is that Curley’s wife had a strong talk with a man a few minutes before she was murdered. It was with one of the two brothers that worked together in the big ranch of the area. We also know that Crooks who is a Niger had a gun but he says that George, the brother of Lennie, stole it from him to kill his brother!!! Is Crooks a Liar or is he telling the trough? The known information Someone from the ranch told me that a few days ago; the two victims had a talk. He also said that they mainly argued about going away together and tend rabbits. Adding to this,…show more content…
So, George is arrested and butted to jell for the murder of his brother. The police still have not arrested anybody for the murder of Curley’s wife. She was the only women in the ranch. As we all know that a woman in an environment of men is not good at all. Look at the consequences, two dead, a man and the only women of the ranch. All this for a woman. If the police confirm what this man said, George could have heard the conversation that happened a few days ago between the victims. Here is his motivation for the possible murder of Curley’s wife. For now, the only fact that can incriminate George is that Crooks said that someone had stolen his gun and that he thinks that it’s George. Would that Niger lie to preserve his understandable freedom or is it the truth? Can we trust a black man? This gun was used to kill the two victims so if Crooks lied, he would be the first suspect. But why? That is the question that everybody is now asking himself? As most of the people, I have decided to choose my side. With further look at the murders, I have found out that there is an awful lot of chance that George is the murderer. But there is also the possibility that it’s Curley because he did not want his wife to go away so he killed both of the

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