Curley's Wife

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Curley’s Wife Curley's wife is the most pathetic of the outsiders: unlike the others, even Lennie, she seems not to understand her limitations - or she refuses to admit them. She still dreams of what might have been, seeing herself as a potential film-star .Desperate for companionship which she doesn’t get from Curley, she flirts with the ranch-hands. They are uneasy about this, as they think her to be seriously promiscuous, and are fearful of Curley's reaction. She is misunderstood and the way she is introduced by Steinbeck is from the point of view of the workers so her image is marred and the audience have a slight dislike for her already. She is constantly objectified by the ranch workers who see her as nothing but a sexual object which we see as she is the target of name-calling from the ranch workers, being referred to as a “tart”, “loulou” and “tramp”. Due to the fact that she’s female, she is seen as a sexual object by the ranch workers because they already have a low view of women already as the only time they mention women is when they are talking about a whorehouse .Also because she is introduced with the characteristics of a prostitute e.g. “full rouged lips” , and she seems like quite a promiscuous person which is why the ranch workers are cautious of her because sex ruins men economically and medically. Curley’s wife as a symbol Curley’s wife is symbolic of many things such as sexism during the Great Depression and all the women repressed in a dominant society. She is could be symbolic of Eve, from the Garden of Eden as she brings both death and sin as soon as she enters the story. This also could relate to the fact that George is named after the writer of “Paradise Lost” , which is about the Garden of Eden and Cain and Abel .So because of Eve (Curley’s wife) , they are sent away from the Garden of Eden (George and Lennie’s dream farm). Loneliness

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