Curley’s Wife Essay

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How is Curley’s wife presented and developed throughout the novel? Introduction 1. show your knowledge of the context and writer 2. show your knowledge of the key point in the question 3. explain what you will be doing in the essay. He begins the each chapter with the setting/ uses animals / uses foreshadowing John Steinbeck wanted the reader to understand the theme of loneliness that occurred after the great depression around the 1930s. One of the characters who showed loneliness the most was Curley’s wife. In this essay I will explain/explore/evaluate/discuss how Curley’s wife is presented throughout the novel. Main Body (Where you answer the question using evidence from the text to back up your points as well as your own observations) When we first see Curley’s wife she is presented in a negative way. Quote – chapter 2 ‘red…red…’ pages 32-33 Steinbeck chose to repeat the word ‘red’ because… This suggests… Foreshadow. The second time we see Curley’s wife she shows an aggressive side. When she entered Crook’s room.. Pages 76 – 77 ‘the girl flared up’ 78 – 80 – Crooks This shows… looks down on them/thinks she’s better than them/ status and power Malicious, cruel, thinks she’s better than them The last time we see her is in Chapter 5. This is an interesting development as Steinbeck allows the reader to sympathise with her. Softer side/Curley treats her badly/ her dreams page 87 Conclusion (sum up your ideas and express your opinion) I think Steinbeck presented Curley’s wife in an interesting way

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