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OF MINCE AND MEN CHAPTER 2: FIRST APPEARANCE PAGE 26 ‘Tightly curled hair’ Tells us that his personality could be rigid, stern, strict. It also shows the grip he has on people and also gives an inkling of his temperament. ‘like the boss’ he admires his father, wants to be like him by copying him. perhaps he wants the respect and the authority that his father hold. ‘wore high heeled boots’ • Shows the difference between him and the ranch workers, he is not like them he is better and superior • High heel’s make you taller this could be the first inkling that he is self conscious about his height. High heels could also be referring to the fact that he wants status and authority. ‘his eyes passed over the new men and he stopped. He glance coldly at George and then at Lennie’ He is sizing the men, his glance stops at Lennie and so the sentence. There is something about Lennie that stands out and has caught Curley's attention. It is something that Lennie has but George does not. ‘his arms gradually bent….his hand closed into fists’ the word ‘gradually’ tells us that the clogs in his head are winding (he is calculating something) and is building up his anger. Closed fist connotes violence, anger, aggression and defence (defence: putting his guard up you can refer to the context by talking about how it was a dog eat dog world). Him becoming defensive maybe due to feeling afraid of Lennie perhaps he is clenching his fists because he is nervous. something about Lennie is making him act this way. ‘he stiffened and went into a slight crouch’ The word stiffened suggest that he is afraid/on guard. He is postured (standing) in a boxing stance which may suggest that his is getting ready to fight. The ‘slight crouch’ makes you think of a turtle protecting itself. He is getting ready to pounce on Lennie. PG 27 ‘Lennie squirmed under the look

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