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Introduction Chapter 127 pages 100-104, of the novel The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon, most certainly reflect the important ideas and distinctive features of the text. This extract presents the important ideas of the nature of love and caring for a differently able child, as he reaches adulthood and moves away from childhood and adolescence. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the novel is that all the events and action of the novel is presented from Christopher’s point of view. He is the first person narrator. Christopher has a highly unique and very distinctive manner of dealing with the world and others. Body The extract begins on page 100 with Christopher carefully listing all the activities he undertakes upon his arrival at home. For example: -….I unlocked the door -….went inside -…took my coat off (and so on) page 100 Christopher has autism. He involves himself in order and he carefully plans and conducts all his activities in an orderly and organized manner. This need for order, logical planning and routine are distinctive features of the novel, as they are a significant method used by Christopher to help him deal with others and relate to the wider world, a world he finds confusing and, at times, terrifying. Christopher, who has autism, is attempting to solve the ‘murder’ of a neighborhood dog, Wellington. Christopher informs the audience that he would make an excellent detective because he notices and remembers details and, although he has been told by his father to stop investigating the ‘murder’ of Wellington and recording his findings in a murder/detective, he does not follow and implement his father’s instructions. On page 101, we, the audience, are given an example of Christopher’s close attention to detail. This is another aspect of his condition. -Father came home at 5.48 pm. - There was a

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