Curious Case Of The Dog In The Night Time

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In the novel The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time we learn about a young boy with autism. From the point of view of this young autistic boy we learn that family and love don`t always make sense in what seems is complete logic, but it doesn`t need to make complete sense to make a family work. Christopher, the young autistic boy, likes logic and everything to make sense so he knows and understands how everything works. He also doesn`t like change and has trouble dealing with it but as his life goes on, he learns how to deal with his struggle. We know Christopher likes logic and everything to make sense. ``I find people confusing. This is for two main reasons. The first is that people do a lot of talking without using any words. The second is that people use metaphors. The word metaphor means carrying something from one place to another, I think it should be called a lie because a pig is not like a day and people do not have skeletons in their closets.``(14,15) Christopher needs logic in his life for things to make sense or else he can find himself getting sick or groaning loudly in pain. Although some cases of logic don`t make sense to the others around them he believes they make sense like when he says three red cars in a row means a good day and three yellow make a bad day he is told by his principal that this is not very logical and he said it makes sense to him. This is also shown when he says he won’t eat his food if it touches different items of food on his plate, but he will if it touches while being prepared. Another form of logic in his life is his family. He doesn’t understand his families love toward him in different instances of the novel and tries to break away from them like when his mother tries to hug him and he gets confused and pushes her away “And Mother put her arms around me and said, ‘Christopher, Christopher, Christopher’ And
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