Curfew Law Case

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Susie was dropped off at the Elsewhere park by Orsen. He said He would pick her up at 11:00 p.m. when the park closed. There Susie met up with three of her friends which Jerry was only licensed to drive for a few months. Susie only lived a few blocks from the park. When the park closed she was waiting for Orsen to come pick her up, but the law was that minors have a curfew and have to be home at 11:00 p.m. They were approached by Officer Ruthless who told them that they had to leave and told Susie to get in the back of the truck which was legal in the state to ride in the back without seatbelts. Susie wanted to wait on Orsen but did not know when he was arriving. Officer Ruthless told her she had to go or he was enforcing the curfew. He did…show more content…
Even though both parties were involved in negligence I do not believe that Officer Ruthless breached the duty of care, to which it caused bodily harm to Susie. I believe that Susie was negligent by not going straight home and staying in the truck with Jerry who was a newly licensed driver only for two months. I do not believe that Susie has a case because she was at fault for not getting out of the truck at any of the stops even though she lived a short distance from the park, one of them being fours doors down from her house. I do not believe that Officer Ruthless is a fault for making her get in the truck. He was looking out for her well-being and thought she was going straight home. Officer ruthless did not break any laws by asking her to get into the truck because they were friends and he felt she would be safe and he had no way of knowing how long it would be before Orsen would show up. She could have been there for another thirty minutes and it was already curfew. He could not have known that that would go riding around for a half hour and get into a wreck. I find that Susie made the wrong decisions by not getting out of the truck at a stop only four doors down from her

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