Curfew For Students

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Having a curfew for school students could be a good idea. But the real question is; should that be up to the community or should it stay the parent’s responsibility of enforcing one? It is the job of a parent to enforce a curfew if they believe in having one is necessary. The parent also would be able to give privileges to the student when he/she needs to be back, if they have work, school events or working on a project at a friend’s house. But the community would be able to enforce the curfew more thoroughly if the student does not have good parental figures in their life. Parents give curfews for many reasons; to know that their child is some safe and sound at a decent hour, so they can get enough sleep to function at school the next day, and work on any school work that didn’t get finished at school. If parents really believe that it is necessary for their kids to have a curfew then they will enforce it. It’s all up to the parent and what they believe is necessary and what is best for their child. Unlike the community parents can give privileges on the time that a child has to be home by. That all depends on the child’s attitude, grades in school, if he/she has work, a school function, or sport related activity. The curfew could fluctuate on a daily basis it all depends on what the student/child has going on that day. If the community was in charge of curfews they can’t fluctuate every student’s curfew like the students’ parents could. If a student doesn’t have good parental figures in their life having the community enforce curfews could be a beneficial thing. The community would be able to enforce it better since the kids don’t have any authority figures. By the community enforcing the curfew it could improve student’s behavior in school, their grades, and it could cut out some of the illegal activities happening late at night. Parents have their own
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