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Are Teen Curfews Fair? Do you think cities and towns should have a nighttime curfew for teenager? Well they should. First of all, curfews are fair in many ways. Curfews are not meant to harm or punish people. The reason for a curfew is to keep people safer and out of trouble. They help reduce crime and past studies have shown this. A curfew is a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time. There should be mandatory nighttime curfews for teens because it will reduce the underage drinking of alcohol, teenagers will be less likely to experiment with drugs, and lastly vandalism and crimes. To begin with, curfews will reduce underage drinking of alcohol. One citizen in favor of curfews has said, “Like it or not, we live in a lawless age in which drugs and alcohol are everywhere and young people are very much at risk. One valuable thing to do is to get kids off the streets for their own safety” (Off 1). This person is aware of the abominable drivers in the world, such as accidents due drunk drivers. “A curfew allows less time to get in trouble with gangs, alcohol, drugs, and thing like that,” said a teenager (Peters 2). This teenager understands that a curfew will keep teenagers away from dangerous things that will harm their lives. To conclude, curfews can keep children away from an underage drinking of alcohol. In addition, a curfew can decrease teens experimenting with illegal drugs. Thomas Beyard, Westminster’s Director of Planning and Public Works said, “But the residents want a curfew that would require anyone younger than 18 to be supervised by an adult if outside after 10 p.m.” (1) Mr. Beyard said this because he has seen teenage drug dealers run wild along the street after midnight and early in the morning (1). If teens get caught with illegal drugs, there will be big consequences such as fines, jail time, license suspension, and

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