Curb Gangsterisme Essay

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Gangsterism A gang is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. In current usage it typically denotes a criminal organization affiliation. In early usage, the word gang referred to a group of workmen. In the United Kingdom the word is still often used in this sense, but it later underwent pejoration. The word gang often carries a negative connotation. However, within a gang which defines itself in opposition to mainstream norms, members may adopt the phrase as a statement of identity or defiance. The word gang derives from the past participle of Old English gan, meaning "to go". It is cognate with Old Norse gangr, meaning "journey." Gangsterism is common in a developing nation such as Malaysia and we have heard a lot about it occurring in schools. It has been reported that in developed countries, teenagers are increasingly involved in gangs. Based on our research we had done, it can be conclude that there is a great necessity to give more attention towards cases that relates young delinquents who involves in gangsterism. This problem has to be wisely handled to ensure that the future of the juveniles will not be ruined due to involvement in gangsterism. Thus, parents, government, and society have to play their roles effectively in order to curb the spreading of gangsterism among school students. There are many factors which contribute to gangsterism. Firstly, it refers to the individual themselves. Youngsters nowadays, precisely teenagers often lose focus and they do not know exactly whether the pathway they are heading to in sense of academic and social is right or wrong. This leads to involvement into drug addictions, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and many other negative acts. Once they get addicted and carried away, they eventually would not hesitate to ditch

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