Curative Factors of Group Work

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Write a 2500 word essay on the curative factors of Group Work in a therapeutic setting? (Is therapeutic group work effective and, if so, why is it effective and how is it effective?) * Draw from own professional experience of working in groups (to the degree that this is applicable) combined with knowledge acquired from both the experiential and theoretical aspects of the course. * Include at least 8-10 references to professional literature specific to therapeutic group work (i.e. from the course or other relevant material. Note: Group Work has consistently been considered a powerful tool in working with clients in early recovery from addiction and other conditions causing significant distress in the lives of so many. The following areas must be referred to in the paper: * The role of the contract in group work. * The role of the clinician as facilitator. * Advantages and disadvantages of time-limited versus open-ended group work. * The similarities and differences between a support group and a therapy group. * Heterogeneous versus homogenous group work – what are the benefits and drawbacks of such groups i.e. one gender only or a group for individuals who have experienced trauma in contrast to a ‘mixed’ group? * The benefits of ‘group as a whole’ versus one on one interventions in a group setting. * Advantages and disadvantages of group work versus one to one counselling/psychotherapy (i.e. under what circumstances would I recommend one modality over the other?) Introduction: - Many curative factors identified – too many to include. - In this assignment I will emphasise those factors that had particular relevance to me during my experiential group sessions during the course and my experience facilitating group work. - Essay will be in two parts: 1st – will look at the curative factors of
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