Cupid and Psyche Essay

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Antonio Canova also known as "The supreme minister of beauty" and "A unique and truly divine man" by his contemporaries. He was known to be the greatest sculptor of his time. Canova's earliest works displayed late Baroque and Rococo sensibility before his first and second visit to Rome in 1779 and 1781 where he reached a turning point. He studied antiquities and later came under the influence of the English Neoclassicist Gavin Hamilton. In a competition organized by the Venetian aristocrat Don Abbondio Rezzonico, Canova produced his statuette of Apollo Crowning Himself, a work inspired by ancient art of a physically idealized and emotionally detached figure. This work came to define the Neoclassical style. The success of the Apollo enabled the young sculptor to obtain a block of marble for his next work on a large scale, Theseusand the Minotaur, which established his reputation. The love affair between Cupid and Psyche is one of the best known classical myths, recounted in Latin novel The Golden Ass by Apuleius. Many Neoclassical paintings and sculptures derived inspiration from the Story. Antonio Canova did an excellent job in the sculpture by the way he capture all the emotion that thrives between Cupid and Psyche. The sculpture is a very good example of a good Neoclassical, because it draw inspiration from the classical art and culture of Ancient Greece. Antonio Canova's fine technique in carving marble contrasts their realistic smooth skin with the surrounding elements which make it a beautiful piece. One thing really good about this sculpture is that it isn't like some other artist sculptures that is only good looking in on point of view or perspective, but instead, you can see the beauty of this sculpture from whatever angle or perspective you might find yourself in. You actually have to walk around it before you can get a full sense of the artist's

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