Culturla Diversity In Criminal Justice Essay

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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper page one Glenderlyn Henderson Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper Final Exam Axia University of Phoenix Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper page two During many years and decades, the sentencing roles that played an important part in reducing increased levels of incarceration focused on evidence, offender solutions that include how to help the offender be a repeater of crimes and ways to access diverse programs to alleviate working jobs for those offenders. This paper will provide many approaches to a better sentencing structure of the Justice System. For instance, the structure will consist of cases that require a primary benefit, ways to prevent crimes from recurring, and that are related to who is to blame for the crime. So therefore, judges need to provide enough evidence to jurors and be able to present the panel of law enforcement agents or attorneys, so this would show that sentencing wouldn’t be effective and the public want be protected. Law Enforcement and prosecution strategies are convenient toward Executive Branch, so this paper will prove that judges are in fact needed to deal with the institutions to be examined through issues within the Federal Government for the intervention between prosecutors within the streets. Neighborhood Crime Watch, which is a program that can help aid in ways to lower crimes within the neighborhoods, and increased areas for felons who have been imprisoned within the last twenty-five years. Here is a scenario that was used in my research: Mark Johnson was convicted in a federal court for being a three time felon with the possession of two kilo's of cocaine in his vehicle. Before his arrest, the police officers searched his vehicle and

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