Cultures In Motion Analysis

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Cultures in Motion Discussion Paper Peter N. Stearns discusses in his book Cultures in Motion about how different cultures and religions have traveled and have created a great impact in all parts of the world. It is very interesting to learn how different cultures have traveled around the world and what are the caused of some of those cultures to decline. The interaction between cultures has caused many different results throughout history. Some cultures have adapted certain components from other cultures but often the interacting cultures have gone to war against each other. I found interesting how he says that Egypt and the Middle East contributed to Greece. Stearns talks about Martin Bernal had the idea that parts of the Greek culture…show more content…
Religions like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are important in the world and have been very popular because of the promise they have. These religions promised salvation to all people even the poor. This caused many people to follow these religions in order to not suffer in their after life. Even though some religions have changed or produced other religions, their bases are the same. Christianity for example has many different types of people like Catholics, Protestants among others. I find it interesting how there are similarities among different religions but most of the time they only see their differences in order to condemn each other and prove they are the only “right” one. Christianity caught my attention because as Stearns says how coverts brought religion, the Latin writing system, and different artistic and intellectual instruments associated with Roman Christianity. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are major religions around the world and millions of people practice them. An important factor for Christianity to be known around the world was the connection that Europe had with the Americas. I think the most important factors for religions to be well accepted around the world were that they promised salvation and everyone could be part of them. Even though I am a Christian I did not know how it spread to different parts of the world. The only thing I knew was who Jesus Christ was and did I need to do in order to have that salvation. I think it is important to learn about different religions and how they came to be in order to understand their significance throughout the

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