Culture’s Impact on Communication Essay

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February 15, 2015 To: Cristal Sears, Professor From: Layna Rodriguez Subject: Culture’s Impact on Communication The practice of intercultural communication is not something new. The interaction among nations from different backgrounds and cultures has happened throughout history. However, nowadays with the globalization and the extraordinary progress of technology, nature of communication has changed dramatically to the way it is performed today. While it is true that intercultural communication prepares the conditions for a better exchange and understanding of knowledge among different cultures, sometimes it becomes a challenge. For example, under certain circumstances some body language gestures, phrases, or signs can have different connotations among people from different cultures or backgrounds. Thus, this can cause problems among employees or customers in a working environment. All cultures around the world vary and each of them has different point of views on how communication works. In high context cultures the message is indirect. The context play a major role in what it is being said. Keeping the relationship in good standing is more meaningful than accomplishment of certain tasks. Globally, Japan, China, and Korea are good examples of cultures with an exceptional high context. On the other hand, in the low context culture scenario the message is given explicitly and direct. In this context all rules and regulations are more important than relationships. Worldwide, EEUU, Germany, and Switzerland are good examples of low context cultures. Now, considering business communication in the modern global economy, it is important to understand the meaning of customs, technology, and overcoming language barriers. Not having a good understanding of both parties’ culture can be detrimental for business and negotiations. For this reason, in a
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