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Culture Is in the Details Essay

  • Submitted by: vallerie11
  • on May 20, 2013
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Vallerie Esannason
SSC 101
Culture is in the Details

Culture is in the Details
An old expression is that the “devil is in the details”, and this is as true in the field of human behavior as it is in any other arena. If one examines any arena of human behavior as it presents itself in different groups then there will always be substantial similarities between the members of the groups. All humans are more alike each other than they are different, and this fact means that the two groups being compared here – Caribbean and Filipino Latinos – will share many traits.
Indeed, from the outside (and perhaps even from the inside) these two groups of people may appear very similar to each other. Certainly they share a number of traits in terms of their history and the values that govern their everyday lives as well as influence the deepest values of who they are. Discussing the differences between Caribbean Latinos and Filipino Latinos is a way of delineating the most important things that they see as belonging to them: Writing about how these two groups see themselves is also a way of writing about the complex ways in which identity is constructed by those the intersections of past and present, of distant and near.
The scions of islands, the inheritors of post-imperial cartography, the skilled merchants bantering in a dozen creoles, inhabit their cultural identities in ways that are very different from other Latino groups such as those living in Mexico or Peru. This paper looks very briefly at the ways in which two different groups of Latinos can share so much of both recent and ancient past and yet remain so very different from each other.
However – and this is the devil in the details – there are at least as many important distinctions and differences between these two groups as there are similarities, and it is these differences that are key. Indeed, one of the most important aspects of human culture that transcends both time and place is the fact...

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