Culture In The Republic Of Korea

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Culture in the Republic of Korea Introduction This paper is on the culture of the people in the Republic of Korea. This paper will provide information the history of the country. I will also provide insight to the education, religion, and the relationships between each other and the relationships to visitors from other cultures using various resources. The people in the Republic of Korea are a fascinating and very interesting group of people that have survived many hardships to become one of the more advanced developed countries in the world. History The people of the Republic of Korea, or as it is better known South Korea are a part of a population that has been living on the Korean Peninsula for over 700,000 years. The country has gone through the years changing and developing along the way starting with tribes and eventually unifying in the sixth century. The country then had several dynasties that ruled until 1910 when the peninsula was annexed by Japan, after they defeated Russia and China in wars fought over the territory. Japan enforced colonial rule throughout Korea and even banned the use of the Korean language in schools. In doing so the Japanese created a patriotic effect amongst the Koreans that unified all the people against on common cause. This situation came to a head on March 1, 1919 when a peaceful demonstrations calling for independence spread throughout the country leading to a Japanese retaliation that was the slaughtering of thousands of people. The colonial rule remained in effect and the lives on the peninsula continued to deteriorate until the end of World War II in 1945. Japan’s defeat in World War II freed the people on the peninsula from Japanese rule, though it then led to a large group of free people with no major central government and varying ideological differences caused by the cold war that was coming. As the Koreans were
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