Culture (Identify) Played a Role in Building Gender Identity

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Hispanic culture has played an important role in building gender identity, there are certain roles placed on boys and girls in accordance with their gender. These gender roles are imposed on children from birth and are taught until eventually they are accepted as absolute truth. Newborn babies are carried out of the hospital in either a pink blanket or a blue blanket depending on gender. Gifts of trucks or dolls are given to toddlers depending on the child's sex. Stories about princesses are read to little girls, while stories of dragons and swords are read to little boys. This socialization of gender roles is reinforced through the family, media and education system. Children in the Hispanic culture learn at a very young age that there are differences between boys and girls. This idea permeates daily life and is encouraged b parents, peers, school, and the media. Little girls learn that they are supposed to like dolls and pink, while little boys learn that they are supposed to like trucks and the color blue. Through various forms of guidance and direction from external influences, children experience gender role socialization they quickly learn what behaviors are encouraged by their parents and peers, and which ones are not. These ideas are further reinforced by the media's portrayal of traditional gender roles. As a result, children internalize these beliefs pertaining to gender roles and their behavior is modified accordingly. The child's first influence in regards to gender roles is the family. From birth to five years of age, most children are almost constantly surrounded by family. A child's first exposure to gender differences is learned through interaction with his or her parents. Most parents dress their infants in gender-specific clothing and give them toys according to gender stereotypes, differently, according to gender. When I was a kid my mother

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