Culture, Human Nature, and Ernest Hemingway

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In the 1900s there was a man who went by the name of Ernest Hemingway. He was highly affected by culture and human nature. Ernest Hemingway lived his life with hatred towards his mother, and disliked the fact that his father wasn’t the “man of the house.” Ernest Hemingway’s younger life affected how he lived his life when he grew up to become and independent man. Culture affects how someone lives their life, but human nature affects that even more. Human Nature makes them do the choices that they want, because of natural instincts, whether they are good or bad. Instead, in culture you make a choice, because of what you have been taught and probably what has been done in your house before you. Ernest Hemingway’s a big man now because of his great works of literature. He was a great author, and a great man. Ernest Hemingway’s passion was to write, and he became a great writer. He wrote his stories and his books putting pieces of his life into them. You can tell how most of his books are about men being powerful, and how women aren’t as important, because that’s how his life was. He hated it when his mother would make him wear dresses, and his father wouldn’t say anything about it. One of his short stories is called “the Undefeated.” This short story is about a man who has grown old, and he doesn’t want to admit it. He wants to still be a bullfighter even if the other people tell him that he is already old. Culture is a bunch of different traditions that can form your life. Culture can also be your philosophy to life, or just a part of your life. Culture is when a big group of people do the same thing every year, and it has been passed down from generation to generation. For example Christmas, it is a tradition in where you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Not every one celebrates it, so it’s a tradition in certain cultures. Some groups might celebrate it

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