Culture Diversity And Tolerance In Eat Drink Man Woman

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Culture Diversity and Tolerance in “Eat Drink Man Woman” Served as the last part of Ang Lee’s “Trilogy of Father”, “Eat Drink Man Woman” roots its main conflict in diversity and tolerance generated by the clash of occidental and oriental cultures, which is also the theme of the movie. Family affairs functioning as carriers, Lee demonstrates roundly his understanding of the antithesis of Chinese traditional culture and American modern culture, and presents his careful and detailed observation of the living situations of contemporary Chinese people. In addition, ways to harmony the culture shock and its by-products are permeated while the family conflicts are settled as well. Culture diversities is displayed in all aspects in the movie. They can be noticed firstly in the words and behaviors. For instance, the eldest sister can’t help moving away and getting married the moment she’s just got a kiss after several years of abstinency; the elder one feels disgusted with the remarks of so-called keeping the relationship as friends; the father frequently refers to that “Don’t forget to come back for the Sunday dinner” while they can’t get a happy reunion all the time. Digging these simple sentences and practices, we may find there being enormous difference in the life style between east and west cultures, to be more specific, different mode of thinking and dealing with emotions. Chinese people tend to think in a more compromising way while the American are inclined to pay more attention to sense of individualism no matter what it’ll cost. Jiazhen is the very example of a mixture of two cultures. When she chose to forge an experience to cover the fact that she is not falling in love, she acted more “Chinese”. When she gets true love and moves away at once, she gets more “American”. Also, love in China is expressed more implicitly. At the same time, it’s encouraged

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