Culture Differences and English Teaching Essay

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1. Introduction Nowadays, with the rapid development of the globalization, communication or interaction between individuals from different cultures is becoming increasingly closer. However, cultural differences turns to be problems and barriers to communicate or understand each other for people with different cultural backgrounds. Traditional English teaching mainly focused on pronunciation, grammar, vocabularies and incorporate several basic language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. This structural teaching approach stresses the internal structure of language, making a separation between form and meaning as well as function. Students adopting this learning method may be good at dealing with the tests focusing on grammar and structure, while they may often fail to communicate with English speakers effectively in real life, and misunderstanding between communicators usually arise. English Learners must realize that thoughts and values about nature and humanities from different countries and different societies are quite different, Therefore Helping students to developing awareness of cultural differences reflected in languages is one of the most important objective of English teaching. Although some English teachers have added cultural background knowledge training into the whole process of English teaching, English education in China still have a long way before English learners can speak properly and accurately according to culture background when communicating with others. Therefore, this paper aims to present the important role cultural difference plays in English teaching and the potential method to improve English teaching of different culture. There are 4 major parts in the paper: First, we introduced current situation of English teaching in China briefly. Second, culture Differences between China and English-speaking countries was
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