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Differences Between the Cultures of Mexico and Spain Many people believe that just because Mexico and Spain are two Spanish speaking countries that their cultures are the same. When in fact their cultures are not the same; they have many differences. Just like all countries, these two do symbolize things as a nation, such as, their flag and their National Anthem. Mexico and Spain both speak Spanish and this is a symbolism of their culture but there are also differences in their languages. The people in Mexico use the ustedes version, whereas, the people of Spain use the vosotros version. Vosotros is a more classical version of the Spanish speaking people and is mostly utilized by the Spanish. The Mexican people have quite a bit more slang to their language and could often be misunderstood by someone of Spain. The Mexican people symbolize the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) as a source of their National Identity. The National Flag has 3 vertical stripes with green representing hope, white representing purity, and red representing blood. The image of an eagle standing on a cactus eating a snake represents the myth of the foundation of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire. Another symbol of this culture is “Virgin of Guadalupe.” She is the influence of the Roman Catholicism. She is a Mexican version of our “Virgin Mary.” The Spanish just like the Mexican symbolize their National Flag. They chose the colors red and yellow for the higher visibility when out at sea. This flag also has the presence of an eagle with the motto “nec plus ultra” meaning “nothing beyond.” This motto has no changed to “plus ultra” which recognizes Spain’s discovery of new land. This country also symbolizes their National Anthem “Marcha Real” or “Royal March.” This anthem has no words, although, someone once tried making words but did not make it publicly. The one major

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