Culture Competence Essay

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Strategies to Ensure Culturally Competent Nursing Care Understanding cultural competence/ communication barriers Continuous education of the vulnerable population Additional Strategies: Keep writing style simple. Use active voice and conversational style. Sequence main points in a logical manner. Use short words and sentences. Use the same word consistently rather than synonyms to avoid confusion. For lengthy materials, use a table of contents to point the way. Write short summaries at the end of long sections. Place illustrations close to the related text. Use simple grids, site maps, and other visuals to ease the reading of text. Speaker Notes There are several strategies and models that nurses can use to help the low literacy population. It is very important that nurses assure that they give the best culturally competent care that they can. Which involves educating professionals on modifications with their beliefs and norms. Language and communication remains a on going problem. Which in turn may also lead to patient dissatisfaction, poor comprehension and adherence, and lower quality of care. Population with a low literacy level and communication barriers are less satisfied with the care they receive and more likely to report overall problems with health care. Strategies includes:interpretation service provided to patients is an important factor in the level of satisfaction. Especially in situations where literacy is required. According to Fiscella (2002), “These interventions can decrease the client's risk for hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular problems and enhance their overall well being”. Another strategy is educating the necessary professionals on different beliefs and values. Not everyone is the same and we cannot assume that everyone is like us. According to Fiscella (2002), “By intervening with clients and communities in

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