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Culture Change Of Nz Essay

  • Submitted by: chalicen
  • on March 5, 2012
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NZ culture has changed and developed over the years and is still doing so. NZ is becoming globalised and there have been cultural changes in many aspects.
In the 1950s NZ had a dominant culture, the Pakeha culture. The people of NZ had close ties with ‘Mother England’, and had an English way of doing things. For example, they wore conservative dress and ate a meal of meat and 3 vegetables. Their way of life was a rural one, based on farming. Their communication was slow, either done by mail or face-to-face. Entertainment was limited and the radio was big, as TV was limited. Until 1967 a ‘6o’clock swill’ was enforced. All bars and pubs closed at 6, so the men would grab a drink after work before going home when the pubs closed. The role of women was housewives, and they weren’t able to participate actively in the society.
Now NZ is more urban with more people living in cities. There is a greater variety of food from various cultures. There are more fast foods or pre prepared foods. People wear more revealing, casual clothes with changing trends. There is a range of entertainment people can enjoy, with more options at home. Lives are busier and gender roles have changed- mothers work too. As a result of immigration, urbanisation and globalisation, NZ is now a multicultural society with over 150 different cultures.

Immigration is a process that contributed to the change of NZ culture. It is when people enter a country in order to settle down there. In 1840 people from various European countries such as England, Scotland France and Germany immigrated to NZ. Chinese people arrived due to the gold rush in 1860. In 1930 Jews fleeing from the Nazis arrived. In the 1990s large numbers of people from Asia immigrated to NZ.
As a consequence of immigration, NZ’s culture has become more accepting to different cultures that have come into NZ. Some people are becoming concerned about the amounts of immigrants that are coming into NZ. Because of immigration, New Zealand has...

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