Culture And Nursing Practice Essay

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Discipline of Nursing - Learning module Activity five Culture and Nursing Practice: * Read the article provided: Youseff, J. & Deane, F. (2006). Factors influencing mental-health help seeking in Arabic-speaking communities in Sydney, Australia. Mental Health Religion and Culture, 9 (1): 43-66 * Select and read one other article of your choosing, which discusses health care and cultural competence (include a copy of this article in your learning module, to be handed in) Task: Using information from the given article and your other selected article, write a short report (approx. 2-3 pages), including the following points: * A description of the background to both papers/studies, you then present your overview of the main points, and an analysis and discussion of the issues raised in each article (commonalities/differences). * Then provide a critique and evaluation of each article, state your evaluation of the content and/or approach of each article. * Identify any limitations, gaps and in your knowledge that you would require to seek in order to apply the information provided in each article to recommendations for practice. Article One. Factors influencing mental-health help seeking in Arabic-speaking communities in Sydney, Australia Youseff, J. & Deane, F. (2006). The article addresses the main issues that face mental health providers in Arabic speaking communities in Sydney, Australia, and the attitudes towards mental health within those communitities. The article raises the issues that surround and prevents service utilisation and the author discusses the possible reasons for these barriers. The article finds that within Arabic speaking communities’ social reputation, ‘soma’, is very important, and must be protected. The stigma of receiving psychiatric treatment has a profound effect, particularly to women, who

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