Culture and Its Importance in Th Family -Cas Study

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Shanna is a 11 year old girl black girl. Her mom who is of black descent passed away when she was 3 yrs of age. She lives with her step dad and her step brothers who moved in when her mum passed away. Her step dad is white and so too are her step brothers. Shanna has issues with hr brothers likewise with her dad because of the racial issues that currently exist in the house. Shanna has just started secondary school and has now met new friends who are mostly black. She has suddenly developed different taste in music- food and family life in general which is diffrnt in contrast to hr family. Shanna is now at the age where she feels that she cannot relate to her step dad and step brothers because of hr identity which didn’t bother hr before up until now. She has recently started hanging around more with hr 'black friends family and stays the night sometimes to avoid going home to her dad and brothers. Recently she started getting in touch with hr real dad who seems to have an influence over her too. There is now conflict in th house as Shanna started smoking weed and is now constantly mimicking her friends as a means to fit in which does not reflect the way she was brought up by hr step dad. She is falling behind with hr school work and sometimes truants. She is spending more time at hr real dad’s house and only goes home 2-3 a wk for a change of clothing. Clearly there is a clash of racial differences in the home and hr step dad is determined not to give up on Shanna but Shanna is clearly not interested in her 'white family and says that she wants to leave the house because she feels as though she is not in touch with hr culture and identity. The aspect of development that is affecting her is the lack of culture and identity in the home which she feels is a major missing part of her life and has been ever since hr mum passed
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