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Everywhere we go around the world, we will see different cultures. Each one has its own characters. Since thousands of years there are dozens of cultures that disappeared and died. And likewise some cultures were born. That's the life way. In this current world we can see some dominant cultures, and some are rising. If we looked deeply, we can see that it's all depends on some essential aspects. For example, when we see the dominant languages in the world we can see it has the leading countries behind it, hence their cultures is famous. These cultures will not die easily because of the large amount of people that are familiar with it. Therefore they are promoting for that certain culture without noticing. From a personal experience, I never have been interested in the Chinese culture but how many one of doesn't know at least some of Chinese traditions, food and the clothes. That what happen when the culture becomes famous among people and they started to talk about it unconsciously. Moreover, some cultures still famous even though it has died since thousands of years and no one could speak of it. Though, the architecture and stories from that culture is still alive. Taking the old Egyptian as an example. The magnificent pyramids and the museums that filled with their culture and remnants is the biggest evidence that some cultures never die. I can go over and over and talk about the Greek; their culture, the ruins and the Greek methodology. Actually, we still can feel the culture and we can see what we read in the books in real. There are whole untouched cities from ancient cultures; Pompeii in Italy is an example for an ancient roman city. It's a complete city that came under the domination of Rome in the 4th century. And it has been destroyed from the eruption, which killed its inhabitants and buried it under tons of ashes. Additionally, the cultures might survive

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