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Cultural Diversity: Serbian Culture Alisa Bernal ITT Technical Institute NU100 Monday November 3, 2014 Abstract Serbia is a country located on the southeastern part of Europe with the population of approximately 7,186,862. We will discuss the Serbian culture and their communication, social roles and religion. How the Serbian community interacts with one another. Also will be discussed are the health care aspects. The cultures health beliefs, practices and their health care providers. Understanding the culture and how they might differ from other cultures in health and lifestyle. The personal space and communication have significant parts in the Serbian culture and take their language very seriously. The research has shown that they use certain slang terms that help determine if you are “Serbian” or “Croatian”, the division of former Yugoslavia. When Serbians communicate, they do not have much regard for personal space. They are a very intimate culture, the closer the better. I learned from my interviewee that the Serbian people when greeting will hug and kiss, three times alternating cheeks. When speaking eye contact is important and sometimes can take offense if there is not eye contact. In Serbia, the social roles and religion have had some changes but has not steered to far away from the original beliefs. The social roles have had a slight shift in social roles within the last twenty years. According to Drezgic (2010), “It has been noted that, because of the increase in poverty, the ‘economy of survival’ relies heavily on women’s unpaid work” (p.955). The women play a big role for the families, even before they were being relied on for work. They played big roles in taking care of the household and family. I learned that when it comes to health and check ups the person will generally

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