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Strangers in the Car My family’s openheartedness has change me to be more empathetic towards strangers and other people. One weekend I was driving with my grandmother and a friend up to Northern Vermont to see some family, after my shift of driving I handed it over to my grandmother to drive, about an hour later my grandmother pulled over to pick up some hitchhikers on the side of the road. My grandmother thought nothing of it but my friend’s face, as we picked up these tired strangers, had the most concerned and confused look. I didn’t really think too much of it because my family is very open and kind people who try to help people as much as they can, even strangers on the side the road. After dropping the hikers off, my friend said “Well that was terrifying as hell.” but my grandmother isn’t the only person who is like this. I grew up near the city but went to this more intimate town in Vermont a lot of the time. My grandmother lived up there for a while and her parents even longer and probably even their parents, all the in the same house. The house was built by my family, it is this big white house on top of the mountain with a great view of Jay peak, a big mountain and hills in the distance that shines a purple glow. And they all grew up with that small town courtesy where everybody knew and help each other, with small friendly chats with everybody you saw. Which trickled down the family tree vine and even to my brother who volunteers as an EMT and firefighter, I try to help when I can usually in small ways either around the house or other things. My great aunt always opens her home for people whether it is a foreign exchange student or just because the town inn over booked, they are always helping out. And sometimes the house would be so packed that people slept on the floor and the front lawn in tents and basically anywhere anyone could be crammedI have a

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