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culture Essay

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The late idustrialier Japan was enjoying its economic growth dramatically from 1930 to 1990 while the early industrializer Britain was suffering its economic decline in 1985. Although Japan could not escape from the 1970’s oil crisis, it had a great average rate per annum growth 10.4 compared to America 4.1 and Britain 2.3 in the period of 1960 to 1973. (Abe & Fitzgeerald 1985: 2-3) Facing this fact, many economists were very interested in finding out the reasons that cause a nation’s economic success. Culture was the most common hypothesis in the last two decades, particularly in the Japanese case, because some economists claimed that the culture factor was the precondition of economic development. Whereas the other argued that economic progress was the fundamental factor of economic success. Therefore, whether culture was the precondition of a nation’s economic success or the consequence will be discussed in this essay. Moreover, the real relation between culture and economic success will be analyzed by illustrating Japan as a main model and comparing to Britain and America. Firstly, the culture perspective will underline Japanese economic success was based on Confucianism. Secondly, institution will explain Britains economic decline and further overthrow that culture is the precondition of a nation’s economic success. Thirdly, institutions and organization capabilities will show the reason of America economic desolate and also prove culture is a consequence of economic development. Finally, a brief conclusion will be drawn.

The culture perspective

‘National cultures are attitudes and patterns of behaviour that are learned within different societies, and the results of socialization are understood, communicated and reinforced by shared symbols, language, and expectations.’ (Abe & Fitzgerald 1985: 10) Indeed, many groups share different cultures in different circumstances. For example, most Western countries believe Protestant ethic whereas most East Asian...

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