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Marcelino Cortez Ms. Wright Hr.3 8 April, 2013 The person I am today is due to my culture and how it has influenced me on a day to day base. Influences that have affected my life would be traditions from both the United States and Mexico, food from both countries, and lastly the aspect of family. My traditions can be considered unique to some people, starting with celebrations. Mexican-Americans celebrate both countries typical celebrations, such as birthdays, Independences days, and lastly religious holidays. Some examples of what my family does on birthdays being Mexican-American is blending customs of both countries together for holiday like, piñatas, birthday cakes and different type of music. Music is very important to my culture, because without it my family would not be as close or have as much fun at the celebrations. What I mean by music is traditional Mexican music; consisting of mariachi band, accordion and deep Spanish speaking voice. “These entire examples make a celebration great fun” according to my grandmother (Reyna Valenzuela). Another celebration that my family celebrates that shows my culture is Día de los Santos Reyes. This is a celebration that is for the memory in the Biblical New Testament story of the arrival of the three wise men that each brought a gift to the baby Jesus. The tradition my family follows kids receive toys, and people buy a bread based desert called “Rosca de Reyes”. In the bread traditionally there are these little white figures and for whoever finds the plastic figure will have to host a party for the Day of Candlemas on February 2. “This is a huge honor that has been followed for years in my family” according to (Reyna- Valenzuela). There are many traditions my family follows that come from both my American heritage to my Mexican roots. Something that is very close to my Mexican-American culture is food. Food is

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