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What is “culture”? Throughout the world cultures vary and in the field of international business it is very important to approach different cultures with tolerance and respect in order to create successful business relationships with clients in other countries. There is a common misconception that the notion of culture is a derivative of “race”. However, this is completely false because “race” is a not a biological premise but rather a sociologically created conception which serves divided humans into different categories, there is only one true “race” which is the human race. Humans can be separated by their ethnicity and culture. With this being said culture can best be defined as learned attitudes, beliefs and values in which any group of humans share. Below are in my opinion two of the best working definitions of the term “culture”: "Culture may be defined as the totality of the mental and physical reactions and activities that characterize the behavior of the individuals composing a social group collectively and individually in relation to their natural environment, to other groups, to members of the group itself and of each individual to himself. It also includes the products of these activities and their role in the life of the groups. The mere enumeration of these various aspects of life, however, does not constitute culture. It is more, for its elements are not independent, they have a structure." "Culture: (1) the set of capacities which distinguishes Homo sapiens as a species and which is fundamental to its mode of adaptation. (2) The learned, cumulative product of all social life. (3) The distinctive patterns of thought, action, and values that characterize the members of a society or social group (4) A series of mutually incompatible concepts, developing after the Second World War: (a) in social anthropology, the arrangements of belief

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