Cultural Worldview

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Worldview * Your interpretation of the world and how you perceive it is known as a personal worldview. An example of a cultural worldview would be that of religion. Not every religion is the same, and each culture tends to have a different view of creation and eternity, than any other culture. * Christians have a belief system in place which states that all of which exists, exists solely through God, the creator. Without God, that which exists would surely cease in existence (John 1). In God, all of creation must give praise (psalm 148) for without him, nothing would have ever existed. * Man was made in God’s image from the dust of the earth. If God were to recall his breath and spirit, man would once more return to dust…show more content…
Through God alone, shall we governed and judged. Meaning to existence can be found through worshiping God as a spirit (John 4). In John 9, Christ states that he is the light of the world. So long as we believe and walk in the light of Christ, we shall find our purpose. * Once we have a clear understanding of which we are and our purpose in life, we can then begin to lead the life we were designed to live since the beginning of time. Our path must begin with accepting our title as a follower and a sinner. Accept only God as your leader (Jeremiah 10:23). Hold not hate within one’s heart, but let it be filled with love for the father. Hold fast to the commandments, holding the first and second as highest priority (Mark 12:28-31; Matthew 22:35-40). * To explain what happens to one’s eternal soul, I shall begin with this question... If you have lived within the laws of God and given unto him, all your love, must you question your eternity? As God is your judge, judged, you shall be (Ecclesiastes 12). This doesn’t mean you will be judged solely on your sins. Your righteousness will recognized. The punishment for mans sin is death, but the reward through god is eternal life (Roams 5:12, 6:23). This does not mean a sinner’s death is an end all to his existence, but rather death of the vessel as a punishment for the sin brought unto man by…show more content…
One would take time to “smell the roses,” and consider all of God tiny creations, for through him, all things are in perfect design. Understanding Him will lead one to a better understanding of human life and their many imperfections; Thus leading to patience and kindness for all mankind. * When we vote to elect an official, we might stop to consider the strength of his religion. Would not we be better lead by persons who walk each day in the light of God? We have our churches, but so few attend. We have our college which teaches of Christ, but it can’t reach every individual. Electing a public figure to help lead the country toward salvation would be a very wise decision. * All of creation is beautiful; from the smallest particle of dust, to the highest mountain peak. In remembering God created beast before man, we learn to look to nature and appreciate the delicate details, for in each beast, we may find a small portion of humanity. * As a student of Business School, I am envisioning ways in which, I, as a leader in my field, may be able to guide others toward God through a positive workplace. God can be expressed in every career field if one is willing to open their heart and let Him

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