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Cultural Self Analysis

  • Submitted by: estrayar
  • on October 1, 2015
  • Category: English
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I define myself as Mexican. The reason for this is because although I   was born and raised in the United States, both of my parents were born in Mexico. I was also raised with lots of Mexican beliefs. One of the main reasons I believed I was raised in Mexican culture is definitely the fact that I have strict parents, like crazy strict. Everyone knows that Mexican dads are over protective especially of their daughters, it’s no joke my dad is so over protective. Other main Mexican culture aspects is that I   was raised knowing that education and respect are so important. My dad has always told me to be respectful to anyone and everyone, no matter what. He never invoked in us (his children) the famous “ If you respect me, I’ll respect you” quote. Even if someone is being disrespectful, we shouldn’t do what they’re doing as well. I am honestly glad i grew up with that, till this day adult can ever say I’ve been rude or disrespectful to them, there could be times when they’re pushing my last buttons, yet i can’t and wouldn’t raise my voice, i would simply just respond back in a calm and peaceful way or just let them keep talking, but since i don’t ever really look for problems there isn’t many times that has happened. Education is such a big thing for my family too. Especially since my dad didn’t have the opportunity to go to college or high school. He wants us to do our best, and set up a good future for us, especially since we do have the educational opportunities he didn’t have, he wants us to to do our best. Hard working is another major thing my dad has always talked to us about, along with efficiency. He is always telling us that if we’re going to do something do it fast, not necessarily rushing it, but not taking forever to do something either, but when we do it we should also do it right. He uses himself as an   example of a hard worker, and I think he is the perfect role model. My dad came to the United States when he was 17, his dad was killed and his mom...

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