Cultural Roots Essay

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Paper #1 Cultural Roots and Welcome By Joel Shirley Cultural Roots What does Anglo-Saxon mean? The term “Anglo-Saxon” refers to the Germanic tribes of the Angles and the Saxons, who migrated to south-eastern England beginning around 550 A.D( (n.d.)) My Anglo-Saxon surname Shirley, has a very long and broad history dating back to the 10 or 1100’s, and originating in the area of Derbyshire England. (House of (n.d.)) Although not royalty, the Shirley house is said to have held an aristocratic position, otherwise known as a family seat, since long before the Norman Invasion of England of 1066. (House of (n.d.)). Throughout the centuries, the Shirley name has traveled from the British Isles to many different countries including Australia, New Zealand, the Bahamas, Canada, and the United States. (House of (n.d.)). In short the Shirley family has been expanding and growing for over a thousand years. Welcome Many of the Shirley immigrants first arrived to colonial New England in the early 1700’s. (House of (n.d.)) The average journey from England to the new world took 6 weeks. They were welcomed to the 13 established colonies at a time when many of the first towns and cities were just emerging across the east coast. The work at the time was very tough and mainly agricultural, and adaptation to the intense New England winters was a necessity. In spite of this, the British Americans were the first ethnic group of settlers to successfully establish colonies in New England before the revolution. Tracking Through Time Generation after generation, the Shirley family spread throughout the United States, and experienced many different ways of life. Some faced obstacles such as the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, both World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl. Others found success as in the case
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