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Basseri of Iran Cultural Research Paper Jeremy S. Porter ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology Dr. Jeffrey Ratcliffe November 5, 2012 Basseri of Iran Cultural Research Paper The Basseri of Iran is a group of pastoral nomads who inhabit the Iranian province of Fars. They are clearly delineated which means they follow the same basic migration path consistently. The chief, however, does not maintain a nomadic lifestyle and the people have much respect for him. Donkeys and camels are used for labor and sheep and goat are what the herds consist of. Each family has a herd of about a hundred animals but wealth is also shown by the size of the herd. The Basseri migration patter consists of the steppes and mountains north, south and east of Shiraz in the Fars Province of South Persia (Barth, 1961). They are usually on a 300 mile long, 20-50 mile wide, north and south piece of land that runs along the Kuh-i-Bul Mountain to the hills west of Lar. They stay on a pretty set schedule and generally the tribe stays together in this area and only take up a 50 mile stretch or, for a different measure, about 2,000 square miles. Because of the complex and diverse ethnicity of the Fars Province the tribes are best defined by political criteria. This political criterion can best be explained by the fact that they have one person who runs the show which is the chief. They are also recognized by the Iranian government as a unit because they do only have one person who rules. Most of the tribesmen speak Persian but there are some who speak Turkish and Arabic. The reason for the three languages is because of their neighboring communities. The chief has a tremendous amount of power over the tribe. With a community of over 2,000 people he has a lot of responsibility. Considering that the community is so large, there are small community leaders and they are people who are

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