Cultural Relativism Essay

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T.H Sadomba. 26218283 | ASSIGNMENT 3: Cultural relativism | Case study: An African Morality Godfrey Wilson | | Contextualization The identity of morality has been a study of which many philosophers have tried to solve. Many principles have been established to identify the idea of what is right and wrong in society. Among those is cultural relativism which I disagree upon the fact that it states that they is no right or wrong opinion, but opinion varies in society values. To prove that moral truth is not a myth, Opposing values of the Nyakyusa and the Eskimo tribe will be looked at Problem statement Is it possible to prove that cultural relativism is wrong to claim that moral truth does not exist in ethics? Hypothesis According to Gensley (2011:170-171), each culture has different moral codes, all cultures have to be able to tolerate the cultures of others without judging their moral codes but accept them as true when society approves of them, but they are instances where this is unacceptable. If people are not able to judge a certain culture then the world has to accept acts like those of the Nazi’s and apartheid as right. One can clearly notice that a certain way of a culture is wrong but because of the norm “they are no object truths in society” one is forced to do nothing about the situation and insist that an act is right. Act is approved by society Customs are also approved by a community in which they exist not only by religion (Wilson, 1960:76). The claims that Wilson uses are only supported by one cultural aspect without considering an argument related to that of the opposing side. He concludes that in the Nyakyusa tribe, villagers are divided by their age group. Criticism is that is that, it is required that the younger man show respect to their elders but in the Eskimo tradition, the elder people

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