Cultural Reflection Essay

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Cultural Reflection In the aviation industry recognizing and respecting culture of the various Aboriginal Communities is of great importance so the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. There are ways which this can be achieved; firstly to understand about the Indigenous Communities culture and practices so that one does not discriminate, secondly to explore and learn that culture is diverse and finally to take what I have learned about culture and diversity from forum posts, lecture and the study guide as well as my own experiences and to apply this information to my professional career. Some views from the discussion suggest that culture; “can not be described in a single sentence, word or even phrase due to the history cultures hold and the future they look for...” (Walker-Magee 2015), and that it, “…is the very root of tradition and the foundation of each and every individual's beliefs.” (Sonny 2015). My understanding is that it incorporates and explains the way of a people or ethnic group. However, according to the Oxford Dictionary culture is the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a society or particular people, which is similar to what was previously said. What I have learned about culture from the ICUP study guide is that culture is a part of who a person is and as a person develops it is either influenced by an individual culture or an experience of different ones. What I have taken most from this is that even if a society is classed as one people, there will be subtle differences between each provincial group, clan or tribal community but it is just assume the stereotype depicted is the correct one and is not changed. Thus a stereotype is born of that people. This stereotype may lead down a dark discriminatory path or may brighten up there future as a society because the other people are intrigued and want to investigate this new

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