Cultural Question Essay

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1) What is a “frame of reference”? What is the Triangle of Meaning? What is the possible implication for business? * Frame of reference is the product of effective communication when people communicate with others, whether it’s the content of a telephone conversation, an e-mail message, or a formal presentation. * Triangle of meaning is a diagram which demonstrates how people share meaning through language. In the schema, a communicator(both sender and receiver) is referred to as an interpreter; a symbol is anything to which people assign meaning, such as words, diagrams, colors, and so on; and the referent is the object or idea that a symbol will evoke in the mind of an interpreter. * The frame of reference and triangle of meaning have huge impact for business. If you have a business negotiation with another company, you should be careful for your way to communicate even non-verbal language with that company’s leader. Your way of communicate may bring some misunderstanding for that person. Therefore, it is important to pay attention for the frame of reference. 2) Your author suggests that “linguistic determinism” , where language determine our perception give us the window to see the world. What do you think of that proposition? What do you think of “linguistic relativity”? Can you provide examples to prove your point? * In my opinion, I believe language determines our perception that is the language which we speak shapes how we view the world. Different language speakers have different thought process. The culture and the language will influence people’s way to translating the sense of an idea. For example, Chinese have different way to say YOU. They have YOU for friends and YOU for respect people such as elders, professor or boss. But English only have YOU for all people. Therefore, languages determine our perception and give us

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