Cultural Pluralism: India’S Beauty Essay

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CULTURAL PLURALISM: INDIA’S BEAUTY India has been home to various diverse cultures and civilisations through time immemorial. It is famously said about this country that it assimilates everyone who comes to it. It is a rare quality, for not many countries in the canvas of history have been able to prosper under diverse (and at times, contradicting) set of beliefs. It is understandable to an extent because a region accommodating different beliefs will not be able to put premium on economic growth and development, eradicating poverty and illiteracy. Instead it will witness clashes between the different communities, fighting for their survival. Therein lays the beauty of India. Not only has it been able to accommodate contradicting communities/civilisations for such a long period of time, it has also witnessed prosperity under them. Hindus and Muslims have lived in peace here, and this is something to be admired and embraced. It is an index of the secularism of India, not just in modern times, but historically as well. There are numerous examples to prove this argument. Akbar (arguably, the greatest mughal ruler) had Birbal (a Hindu) as his chief advisor. During the freedom struggle of India, many of its Muslim sons served her with nothing less then their blood. The society here very well knows that in order to march on the path of modernity, inclusiveness is imperative. The role of Indian Muslims in the entire state of affairs has been commendable. They have always stood for their nation, notwithstanding the vague religious calls. It could not have been put forth in a better manner, than what Omar Abdullah (a leading Muslim politician) did in the Indian parliament. He famously said that: I am an Indian and a Muslim, and I draw no distinction between the two. By writing this, I don’t mean to say that the path to secularism has been perfect and

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