Cultural Misunderstandings and Misperceptions

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Cultural Misunderstandings and Misperceptions Lori Garoutte PSYC3540 Unit 8 Assignment Capella University December, 2014 Cultural misunderstandings and misperceptions are often a result of verbal communications between individuals of varying cultures. Patient C is a 16 year old Hispanic female who has visited her doctor (Doctor B) repeatedly complaining of vomiting, upset stomach, and fatigue. The doctor notices bruises on her arms. Concerned the doctor brings in counselor A. A Dialogue The following dialogue occurred during the initial meeting between patient C and counselor A. A enters the room and begins; “Hi C. How are you feeling?” (She has been told that C is pregnant and shows signs of abuse.) C answers “I am okay”. (Why is there another type doctor talking to me?) A “Do you know why I am here?” (I need to know if she understands what is happening without upsetting her.) C “I am not sure. Doctor B has told me that I am pregnant. (I am afraid and don’t want to get anyone into trouble.) A “That’s right. Can you tell about your baby’s father? (I hope I am not pushing too hard, but I need to determine who is abusing her.) C “I am not supposed to talk about it. (I promised I would not tell anyone. I can’t break my promise or he will hurt me.) A “Do you know that you have choices about this baby? You do not have to continue your pregnancy you can have an abortion. You can have the baby and give it up for adoption or you can keep and raise the baby. (I hope she understands this is not her fault all the signs show she was abused. She does not have to give up her life to have this baby.) C “I cannot have an abortion or give up my baby”. (I will go to hell if I have an abortion. I am supposed to have a family and take care of them. I have no choice my family will not let me choose.) Where and Why

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