Cultural Minority Essay

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History of Cultural Minority Group The Tingguians of Abra The Tinguians/Tingguians are indigenous people groups of the province of Abra, located in the Cordillera region of northern Philippines. As of 2003, they were found in all of the 27 municipalities compromising 40% of the total population and occupying almost 70% of the total land area. The lowland Tinguian inhabit lowland Abra and the mountain area is where the “Upland Tinguian” originally habited. As of the present times Bangued, the capital town, is inhabited by a representation of all the tribes of Abra as well as migrants. The word “Tingguian” is traced to the Malay root word “tinggi” meaning high, mountains, elevated, upper. However, the people refer to themselves as “Itneg, Gimpong or Idaya-as” or based on their 12 sub-people group. The 12 ethno linguistic groups are the Inlaud, Binongan, Masadiit, Banao, Gubang, Mabaka, Adasen, Balatok, Belwang, Mayudan, Maengs and the Agta or Negrito. In this presentation, some terms (like sangasang, singlip) are used to mean different things in a different context. It would be prudent to say that the terms used could have same or similar essence and significance but are practiced in different aspects of community (ili) or individual’s life. Likewise, some Tinguian terms are similar with those of other tribes of Mountain Province and Kalinga, but may not mean exactly the same thing. Therefore caution should be practiced in generalizing the meaning and a generic practice of rituals mentioned. This paper is particular to the Tinguian. Like most indigenous peoples, the Tinguian live in a web of indigenous systems and lifestyles which makes it impossible to practice a ritual and isolate it from the other aspects of community life. Neither is it advisable to study or see the rituals as responding only to material significance as the people put spiritual and

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