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Cultural landscapes are a big part of a society, and of the people living in the area. “According to an ancient Hebrew proverb”, a place is one way that people establish their individualism in the world along with “their relation to themselves and to on another”. Therefore, cultural landscapes being a big part of the “place” you live can be an aspect that depicts the type of person you are. Cultural landscapes have many values, including “scenic, economic, ecological, social, recreational and educational value”. A landscape is defined as “geographical areas or properties uniquely representing the combined work of nature and of man”. However, there are three different types of landscapes: designed landscapes, vernacular landscapes and ethnographic landscapes. Due to the significant values that cultural landscapes provides to people across the world, it is extremely important to preserve and respectfully treat it. It is important to preserve and treat cultural landscapes for “change and continuity”, “historical significance” and “integrity and physical conditions”. Change and continuity is essential for cultural landscapes. From one generation to another, there is much change in how people act, look, and think. At times the change is minor and is not entirely recognized or the change can be drastic. Every few years, the image of what is “new” and “modern” alters. Therefore, it is important to slightly modify cultural landscapes to what is perceived as “modernized” at the time. Once change and continuity is completed, the landscape shows “continuity of form, order, use, features and materials”. Cultural landscapes become well-known and significant to people for the reason that they contain “historical significance”. As Cultural landscapes are usually relatively old, they may hold “historical significance” of the “local, regional, or

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