Cultural Issues in Ikea Essay

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Cross-Cultural Issues in International Business Relating to IKEA Introduction IKEA is renowned manufacturer of furniture and a specialized retailer all over the world with knockdown components of furniture that would satisfy avid clientele. It has a retail chain equipped with flags featured in yellow and blue colors as an embodiment of the flag of Sweden and located in major cities on their outskirts. This has been planned for enticing various shoppers based on the aspects of their looking avidly for various designs ushering in modernity in décor. It should be noted that the value also should look good. There are certain cross sections of people who may be looking for premium brand furniture at good values. The operations at low costs are dependent on various buyers who have the comfort with automobiles for carrying on the non-assembled furniture in attractive kits of packages and enable them to assemble at home. The objective of purchase of a European company for meeting the needs of expansion and bringing about operation economies of mergers and acquisitions it is essential to understand the culture of Europe that can be strategically adopted in management practices. Within the broad framework of strategic management the aspects of culture blended with ethics coverage of group meetings on assessment of networks as well as their results including the modality of improvement vis-à-vis competitors. It is essential to understand and keep track of competitors’ measures for the purposes of ensuring formulation of policies that would be able to generate more market for the company’s products. In this treatise the analysis is based on a United States of America company taking over an European based company and willing to operate in both the countries and also export all over the world (Johansson, 2008). Cross Sections of Culture Prevalent in the

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