Cultural Imperialism Is It A Problem?

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Today with the arrival of the Internet, planes and telephones, the world has become a smaller place. With that there is also an unintended side effect, one of minimising the diverse cultures the world into a large and mainstream culture. This is hugely detrimental to the large diversity of cultures in many ways. There are numerous problems with the diversity of cultures being reduced, the personal beliefs of individuals have been changed and the degradation of communication between countries. Cultural diversity has been reduced to a mainstream culture is the main result of cultural imperialism. The lack of cultural diversity is creating a dull and uniform world. There are many products of developed countries that proceed to create the uniform world such as Coke and many fast food chains. These products already are an alternative to the local culture and as such many are abandoning the local culture to form the uniform society. The changing personal beliefs of the individual are also exceedingly negative. Many societies now have mainstream beliefs about many subjects including the fashion. These societies have now upheld the beliefs that had no similarity with their own and as such their culture is abandoned. While technological advances have been made in developing countries as a result of cultural imperialism. Those cultures have been seriously degraded into the typical mainstream culture. Countries affected by this have experienced degradation in international communications, as they dislike the invasion of a foreign culture. True, communications between certain countries have improved however the countries’ cultures were similar and as such theirs were integrated instead of assimilated. The numerous detriments of cultural influence have been the reduction of the diversity of cultures, personal beliefs of the individual have been changed and there is
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