Cultural Imperialism Essay

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Cultural Imperialism (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Cultural imperialism is an aspect that is widely seen due to globalization. The advent of globalization has led to several changes that have impacted humans both positively and negatively. The term can be defined as the imposition of a foreign culture of civilization on people. Theorists of cultural imperialism define it differently. The utmost definition is that it is the process a given society or culture is introduced into the modern world system through various ways. This is usually a result of globalization by a dominating stratum. According to Tomlinson (2004), the term has no exact definition, but he defines it as the use of both economic and political power to exalt and spread the habits and values of a different foreign culture at the expense of a native culture. John Tomlinson, the author of the book and topic entitled "Cultural Imperialism," is one of the prominent theorists of cultural imperialism. In this significant topic, John Tomlinson deals with several issues that range from the ideological impacts of imported cultural stuff, to the cultural homogenization process, and also to the cultural autonomy nature. Tomlinson studied quite a number of related cultural discourses. They include media imperialism, the discourse of national identity; the critique of capitalism and the critique of cultural modernity. His findings, as well as analysis, expose key issues, which illustrates the way the establishment of the idea of cultural is different from political and economy imperialism (Tomlinson, 2004). John Tomlinson argues that the concept of cultural imperialism is a result of cultural loss. The main purpose of John Tomlinson to write this chapter is because he believes cultural loss or cultural imperialism is an aspect that people have allowed it (Tomlinson,
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