Cultural Immersion Essay

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Cultural Immersion In order to get that feeling of being a minority, I decided to go visit a nursing home. It was an eye-opening experience because it made me see how different I was from them. There was definitely a difference between how I act around them and how they acted around myself. In the beginning, when I walked through the door I was nervous because I wasn't sure of how they were going to perceive me. I felt like I was the one being judged. After a half hour or so they started to warm up to me. We were laughing and talking about stories they had from when they were my age, and said how nice it must be to be young. I kind of liked being the minority in this setting because it gave me an inside look on how things will be when I get to their age. They were all very nice and welcoming, and actually excited to have me there. I think when young kids are put into a nursing home setting, that little society of the nursing home has the kids being judged by the patients because of their age. They don't understand the intentions of the teenager being there. But once they know that they mean no harm, everyone relaxes and isn't on edge anymore. When visiting the nursing home, I realized that my norms and values are different than theirs. Their norms are the nurses, not having that independence, and having someone clean up after them, unlike mine where I clean up after myself and am pretty independent. One of the sociological theories that I put together after my experience was the Ideal vs. Real culture. My ideal thoughts about a nursing home were that it would be quiet, and kind of depressing. But when I got the real perspective, it was light and a pretty fun atmosphere. I did receive some insight on the nature vs. nurture debate and came to the conclusion that the nature part of it is that the patients know that they are losing their independence. But the

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