Cultural Identity Essay

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This paper will provide a summary of my interview with a member of the Hispanic community. It will include a description of the interviewee’s traditions, values of Hispanic culture and religious beliefs. Time spent conducting the interview was enlightening and the knowledge gained was priceless. Carla Betzabe was born September 12, 1986 in Laredo, Texas (a small town near the Mexican border). She is the only girl and the last of three children. Similar to several other fellow Hispanic Americans, Carla is able to communicate in her native language and English. While her step-father only speaks Spanish, her mother and two brothers are also fluent in both. She went on to share how bilingualism affects her daily. The Spanish language seems to have a quick ‘rhythm’. One word is almost transitioned to the next seamlessly. This may explain why Carla is often asked to slow down and enunciate her words when speaking English. Unlike their parents, Carla and her brothers have pursued higher education. Carla is currently attending the University of Texas and both her brothers are college graduates. Each of them hopes to impact the lives of other Hispanics which may explain their work in the political arena. Her eldest brother works closely with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi while her younger brother works for the Governor of Texas. Carla is also interested in a political career where she can touch the lives of Hispanic women. One of the Mexican traditions Carla mentioned during the interview was “quinceanera”. This ritual is celebrated in church when women reach the age of 15 to thank God that they arrived to this stage of their lives. Similar to a wedding day celebration, the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday is a major event in most Hispanic girls’ lives as it means that she begins her journey to adulthood. They are ready to get married. The ritual of

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