Cultural Evolution Essay

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Hundreds of years ago to now, literature was, and has been important and prevalent in all cultures. Studying literature from certain time periods has allowed us to gather information on the important parts of the lifestyles of people in the past. The way literature has been documented has let us discover about who these people of those cultures were, how they lived, what language they spoke in, what their government was like, and many other important details about their lifestyles. Our society did not know much at all about the Middle Ages and those who lived during that time until we began uncovering and scouring through literary works including Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and the infamous Robin Hood ballads. Because of the clear portrayal of peoples’ lifestyles and cultures in these works, we are able to discover new information that would have never been collected if not for these works. Some of this information included how the class system worked in the Middle Ages, the treatment of peasants, and just how important heroic stores were to individuals during the Middle Ages. During the time of the Middle Ages, it was almost as if there were no “middle class” citizens like there are in the United States today. The upper class was a dominating, greedy, and selfish group of people. Unlike the United States in today’s world, you cannot work your way to the top of the scale; it was inherited, making the upper class during these times a very small group of people. The corruption in the upper class caused problems, including but not limited to, extreme poverty in the lower class people who came to hate the small number upper class people they relied on to survive. The Canterbury Tales was written by a grief stricken Geoffrey Chaucer as a result of the deaths of his wife and a couple close friends. Chaucer began writing these tales to help him pass the time by

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