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Assignment 3 Cultural E HUM 111-World Cultures I Cultural Event The cultural event that I visited was located in Atlanta, Georgia at the High Museum of Art. I attended the event on Saturday, March 9, 2013 with Atoya Upshaw. The event was paintings from Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo. In this paper, I will discuss Diego River and Frida Kahlo, their life, how they met, and the two paintings I would save if there were a fire that each artist painted with passion and details from their paintings. Diego Rivera attended art school and had a passion for painting with vibrant colors and details. Frida Kahlo's paints well, not quickly but patiently and her paintings represent a message of pain in them. Frida is not sick, but a woman that was broken, but alive. Frida at the young age of eighteen was in a bus accident and was left bed ridden. On September 17, 1925 when Frida and her boyfriend were on a bus, and it was struck broadside by a trolley car, Frida was left with multiple injuries. Frida had a broken pelvic bone, spinal column, and other severe injuries after the accident. Throughout Frida's life, she had over 30…show more content…
In this painting, Diego expresses the pain and sorrow on the day he and Frida lost their son. The painting is a reflection of a moment where Diego is looking out the window with a background that was a deflection of the city in an old form, not what was true to form at that time. The painting was full of vibrant colors, details of the moment in the room, and the view outside. Diego painted this portrait from the loss he experienced with Frida of their child. Frida painted from her pain of her accident and the reflections of losing a child. Diego created a painting with the similarity of his pain in the loss of their child as well, both painted from the heart and soul of the
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